A girl born with an unusual spot on her face went to an operation just to look normal

The operation changed the girl’s appearance and made her happy and healthy

This story became popular everywhere. It was about a girl named Coney Loyd, who was born with a unique appearance. She had a unique nose and was different from others. People started to make fun of the girl and her family, but soon everything changed. What does the girl look like now?

The girl was born absolutely healthy, sweet and strong. But she had a bright red spot on her nose. She was examined by the doctors and they said, that it would disappear on its own.

After some time the girl’s parents understood the spot was getting bigger. The girl was very upset as people always told her about her spot. The girl’s parents searched for a good doctor for almost three years.

Soon the girl was operated on and after the operation she looked just like her mother. The girl was three years old at the time of the operation. And just a little scar remained on the tip of her nose.

Now the girl easily plays with other children and becomes more active and sociable. She grows up as an intelligent and caring baby. The operation not only changed her appearance, but also gave her and her parents happiness and health.

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