«A future supermodel»: The 1990s’ image and vintage makeup of Kaia Gerber didn’t let anyone remain indifferent

The enchanting look of Crawford’s 21-year-old daughter will definitely surprise you

Meet Kaia Gerber, the enchanting and absolutely unique 21-year-old heiress of iconic model and actress Cindy Crawford, who lets no one remain indifferent towards her unearthly beauty. Currently, Gerber is quite popular in modeling business.

Many are of the opinion that over the past years Kaia has become more like her mother. According to some, she will soon even surpass her mother in popularity.

Recently, for one fashion show, the youthful star chose a 1990’s image, vintage makeup and a delicate hairstyle.

It is needless to say that everyone was delighted with her gorgeous look. Many even rushed to indicate the striking resemblance between her legendary mother and her.

«Genes definitely did their job».

Do you think so?

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