«A family where independence reigns»: Here is the reason why Hawn and Russell are in no rush to legitimize their relationship

Hawn and Russell, having been in a relationship for 38 years, don’t want to get married

In a broad sense, couples are divided into two big groups: those who rush to get married and run to the registry office shortly after they meet, and those who, even after many years of being in a relationship with kids, are in no rush to get married.

One of the prime examples of the second group is, of course, the couple of G. Hawn and K. Russell who have been in a relationship for already 38 years and are still not married. Many have been wondering why and here is the answer.

The strongest couple in Hollywood simply doesn’t want to legitimize their relationship. They just see no need in it and have mutually decided that marriage isn’t necessary for them at all.

They are convinced that regardless of the fact that they are in a relationship, each of them should enjoy their complete freedom, his or her interests, viewpoints and interpretation of life.

They, anyway, don’t deny that they will get married one day. If their kids want them to, they will agree. Another reason why they are in no rush to marry is that they tried hard and did their best to build families with their ex-partners and all was in vain.

Today, without having legitimized their relationship, they are regarded as one of the strongest and most exemplary couples in Hollywood.

Do you find it necessary to legitimize relationships? Are you for or against independence in a marriage?

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