«What phenomenal results»: The incredible transformation of these women doing the trendiest haircut of 2023 inspired millions

These women took the risk and did «The Bixie» becoming ten times more attractive

It goes without saying that eventually deciding on having our long hair cut after a long time of growing it is surely not the easiest decision in our lives.

Sometimes, it takes courage and determination, whereas today’s clients appeared to be brave enough to cut their hair short pleasantly surprising everyone with desirable results.

It has become quite clear that this hairstyle will become the trendiest one in the coming year being called «Bixie».

For those who love gorgeous long curls, this hairstyle is surely not the most suitable one.

Do you think she started to look more attractive and feminine?

According to hairdresser Kristina Katsabina, a great number of women have a crisis once when reach the age 30.

Sometimes, they are obliged to do a job that is not really close to their heart and in which they actually take no interest.

As a result, they become more and more unenthusiastic and the desires and ambitions they have are gradually eroded.

They often need some sources of motivation and reasons for moving on feeling the urgent need to change something.

In some cases, a simple change in their hairstyle leads them to flourish and glow with limitless happiness.

There is no need to mention that this hairstyle is obviously for brave and risky women who are not afraid of not getting a desirable result.

Those who cut their long hair find enough courage inside to do so.

It is worth mentioning that the name of this hairstyle consists of the words «bob» and «pixie».

The previously mentioned means that the hairstyle is a mixture of a pixie-like hairstyle with a bob length.

How elegant, graceful and confident she looks!

Their eyes are glowing with happiness with their new hairstyle.

Moreover, this hairstyle is liked by a number of celebrities as well.

Everyone absolutely agrees that the most interesting changes are drastic ones.

The New Year with a new hairstyle.

According to one famous song «Our hearts demand change».

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