The son of the «dream man»: Prominent actor Chris Noth well-known as the «dream man» showed his adorable heir

Are you ready to see the son of Chris Noth and businesswoman Tara Wilson?

The «Sex and the City» hit the screens of all viewers making a splash and bringing praiseworthy actors bigger fame. It goes without saying that the female audience took a great interest in the relationship between Bradshaw and the dream man.

It is worth mentioning that the role of John Preston was brilliantly played by prominent American actor Chris Noth who has long been married to a businesswoman and actress Tara Wilson. The man first met her in his restaurant.

The great actor simply couldn’t resist her unrealistic beauty, charm and femininity

Soon, they started dating despite their huge age difference of 28 years. Yet, in spite of all the obstacles and differences, they managed to create an exemplary family. Their first kid was named Orion and 12 years later Keats came into this world.

Orion has little in common with his father being dark-haired with swarthy skin as well as burning brown eyes.

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