«The Queen of neckline»: Oscar-winner actress Moore at 61 appeared in an elegant floor-length dress with a plunging neckline

No one took their eyes off 61-year-old Moore in a chic dress with a deep neckline

The iconic, overall-famous and incredibly talented actress at 61 still never ceases to stun her fans with her ageless beauty and attractiveness. Lately, she has become a guest at the gala event and outshone everyone there with her chic neckline.

Her creamy floor-length evening dress with a bold neckline drew every single one’s attention. None of the participants of the remarkable ceremony could take their eyes off the unsurpassable look of the charming movie star.

Her delicate makeup and luxurious jewelry suited the red-haired actress the best whose photos immediately went viral letting no one pass by such a gorgeous woman.

Though many were pleasantly surprised learning that Moore is already in her 60s and still looks amazing, the rest rushed to criticize her claiming that women her age should dress in a more modest and appropriate way.

Do you think it is acceptable for women in 60s to wear such kind of dresses? Share your opinion below!

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