«The prime example of the purest love»: This is how Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas celebrated the Valentine’s day in a nightclub

The «Wednesday» star shared a video of her and her family having fun in a nightclub

Legendary, eminent and charming actress of a British origin Catherine Zeta-Jones has recently pleasantly surprised her fans with the interesting video she has shared on her social media.

The romantic footage revealed her 78-year-old husband and children – 22-year-old Dylan and 19-year-old Caris. The family was having a lot of fun celebrating the Valentine’s Day.

Preparing for the celebration of the Special Day, the beautiful family wanted to fully enjoy themselves in a nightclub with loud music on and incendiary dances. The celebrity captioned the video. «Happy Valentine’s Day to all».

No one could pass by this video rushing to complement the iconic movie star and her wonderful and exemplary family.

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