«The perfection itself»: The unique beauty of Russian blogger Milena Rasalia won’t let anyone remain indifferent

No one can take their eyes off this Russian blogger whom many call «New Bellucci»

The «new Monica Bellucci» has recently been found with the name Milena Rasalia whose facial features have been called literally perfect. Many rush to claim that she is like an artwork and has no flaws and imperfections.

Meanwhile, some are of the opinion that Milena’s incredible beauty wasn’t given by the Nature itself, but, as a matter of fact, is the result of a number of cosmetic surgeries as well as other beauty procedures.

«How has the nature created such a beauty?», «Simply fantastic», «Her beauty can’t be compared with anything else on Earth».

«It’s impossible to take our eyes off her», «Like an artwork», «The new Monica Bellucci is right here», «A living doll», «Try not to fall in love with her».

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