«The new hairstyle and aged look of Douglas»: American film star Douglas left the fans speechless with his entirely new image

The fans hardly recognized 78-year-old Douglas who radically changed his image

The way prominent, incredibly talented and overall-recognized actor M. Douglas has changed over years surely won’t let any of you remain indifferent. Instead of the standard gray hair, red streaks appeared on his head.

The great movie star showed himself while having lunch with his charming wife C. Zeta-Jones in the Esplanade café located in Paris, France.

Nothing has been left from his previous look with neatly styled hair which were combed back. Douglas was wearing a white shirt, gray jacket completing his look with sheer-framed glasses.

It goes without saying that his entirely new image with a cape and red hair streaks literally left everyone astonished. The photos the legendary film star has lately shared revealed the famous Eiffel tower in the background.

While some are enthusiastic about the new radial changes in the American actor’s appearance, the rest holds the opinion that such a hairstyle makes him look even older.

In his turn, Douglas didn’t comment on his appearance in any way.

Do you think the great American actor looks older with his new hairstyle?


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