«The Mother of Dragons then and now»: Here is actress Emilia Clarke well-known for her role in «Game of Thrones» today

This is how the Mother of Dragons and the «Game of Thrones» star has changed over years

Here is one of the most striking and best-remembered characters from the cult series who won the heart of absolutely each and every viewer. A number of heroes in the series have been silent since the 2019 release of the series.

Lena Headey brilliantly played Cersei Lannister and, what concerns Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, he played the Mountain.

As the ultimate results of the surveys have shown, 12 percent considers Lannister and Targaryen their two most favorite characters. In this respect, it is relevant to talk about the Mother of Dragons who comes from a well-to-do and quite distinguished family.

Aerys the Mad, her father, ruled the seven kingdoms but later was destroyed for his cruelty and love for blood. And since Daenerys was his heiress, many gave her the nickname Stormborn.

The cult role as the Mother of Dragons was excellently played by brilliant and incredibly talented actress Emilia Clarke who at the moment of the set was still 25. And as soon as the episodes were finished, she was 30.

There is no denying that the charming actress hasn’t changed a lot over the past few years. Shortly after the filming, she returned her natural hair color and now looks simply amazing.


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