«The members of ABBA in the 1970s and now»: Here are the performers of one of the cult and best-known bands after years

This is how the iconic members of the cult 1970s’ band ABBA look and live now

Among the most beloved and best-known 1970’ bands was ABBA and the great songs of this group were adored by everyone and still the melodies they created are widely listened with pleasure. There is a film about this iconic band as well.

Even after the legendary group was separated and broken up, their songs continued being listened worldwide.

Many are wondering how the former members have changed over years and live now.

Here is gorgeous brunette Annie who married Benny, whereas as soon as the band broke up their union ceased to continue as well. Later, she married for the second time.

Whereas, something tragic happened to the cult woman. Her second husband and their daughter passed away. At the moment, Annie lives alone and is mainly engaged in charity.

What concerns Agnes, the incredibly talented woman married her bandmate Bjorn. They had a daughter, yet their marriage was also short-lived. The second husband of the performer became a doctor with whom she had been for 4 years.

The former member of the band lives in Switzerland at the moment and is already 69. Agnes is mostly busy taking an active part in her grandchildren’s upbringing.

Now, let’s talk about Benny Anderson. The gifted performer has been engaged in music since the breakup of the band. He has written a wide range of melodies for films as well as created an orchestra. Now, the 73-year-old man works as a producer.

As for his son, who was born during his second marriage, he decided to follow his iconic father’s career footsteps.

Here is the oldest performer of the well-known band Bern who lives with his second wife, a journalist. The highly respected and talented musician and his wife have two charming heiresses.

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