«The marriage that lasted 55 hours»: Rare archive wedding photos of Spears and her ex-husband have recently been shared

Here are exclusive archive photos from Spears’s and her first husband’s wedding

It should be mentioned that world-class performer Britney Spears has married for the third time and her fans have high hopes concerning her union with S. Asghari. Their wedding took place on June 9, yet the netizens are still discussing something else.

Everyone’s close attention is drawn to the archive wedding photos of Spears and her ex-husband. Some rare exclusive photos have recently been shared causing discussions on network.

In 2004, the iconic singer married Jason Alexander and, believe it or not, they filed for divorce 55 hours later. Then, Britney married Kevin Federline with whom she had two heirs. However, their union didn’t last long too.

It seems as if these wedding pictures were taken just yesterday, not about 20 years ago.

The entire world was actively discussing the wedding photos of the beautiful couple and they even appeared on the cover of People. In these photos Spears seems happier than ever and is surrounded by her charming bridesmaids.

Here we can see the performer’s younger sister Jamie Lynn too who didn’t come to her sister’s wedding in summer just like her parents. Jamie was included on the list called «persona non grata».

Let’s wish the singer and Asghari happiness and family welfare!

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