«The ideal of female beauty in the 1990s»: The way one of the most desirable models has changed over years left everyone speechless

Here is iconic and former world’s highest-paid supermodel Claudia Schiffer at 52

Here is one of the most legendary, overall-recognized and desirable German supermodels who was the epitome of female beauty in the 1990s. It worth mentioning that over years her charm has never disappeared making her an ageless beauty icon.

Since her early years, Claudia was tall and possessed a slender figure. Despite having insecurities about her «imperfect» body shape, she appeared on the cover of the French magazine «Elle» and debuting in «Chanel» gaining overall recognition.

The German model became the star of New York Fashion Week, worked with L’Oreal as well as became the face of well-known Fashion Café restaurant.

Soon, becoming the highest-paid models in the world, Forbes estimates her annual income which reached $9 million. It should be stated that Claudia’s appearance hasn’t really changed over years due to a proper nutrition and regular workouts.

According to the iconic celebrity, sweets and fast food are not included in her staple diet.

She is rarely spotted in trousers and sportswear. Most often, the desirable model chooses knee-length dresses, feminine skirts and high heels. Her outfits in soft pink, red and blue colors perfectly match with her gorgeous blond hair.

Unlike her bright makeup looks in the 1990s, Claudia now puts the main focus on nude and pastel colors maintaining her natural beauty. It is not surprising at all that the model was titled «Woman of the Year» in 2020 according to GQ magazine.

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