«The iconic 1960s’ beauty»: The way the legendary «Overboard» star Goldie Hawn has changed caused a storm of discussions

The fans couldn’t find words to describe the current appearance of Goldie Hawn

The iconic star of the cult comedies «Death Becomes Her» and «Overboard» left the netizens astonished with her current appearance. Looking amazing and much younger at her 50, after undergoing plastic surgeries, she became totally unrecognizable.

It should be noted as well that the legendary actress’s latest look with puffy pants, massy and disheveled hair as well as unenthusiastic and unkempt look drew absolutely everyone’s attention.

The legend of cinema brilliantly starred in «Cactus Flower» in the late 1960s being awarded an Oscar. Hawn also took part in «Private Benjamin», «Shampoo» but the «Overboard» brought her overall fame where she starred with her husband Russell.

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