«The heartbreaker remains the same, even at 78»: The recent appearance of 78-year-old Robert De Niro with his new lover caused a stir

Everyone is discussing the appearance of 78-year-old Robert De Niro with his lover

The reason why Robert De Niro has long been considered to be among the main heartthrobs and womanizers of our time is that he has dated a number of popular and attractive singers, actresses and models throughout his career.

The entire life of the man was radically changed once he met stewardess G. Hightower.

During their marital life, Hightower was constantly jealous being more than sure that her husband would cheat and betray her one day. Being completely fed up with his wife’s behavior, Robert De Niro decided to divorce her.

However, when the American actor’s health became extremely poor, Grace came to take care of him and the former couple promised to meet again.

Unfortunately, they didn’t keep their promise and filed for divorce several years ago. The divorce process, believe it or not, still continues because of their kids and the great actor’s health-issues.

However, De Niro was spotted with his new lover on a yacht last year and recently has been seen walking with the girl and her three kids.

Her name is Tiffany and they first met during the filming of «Intern».

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