«The evolution of Michael Jackson’s appearance»: Rare archival photos of legendary singer Michael Jackson before the plastic surgeries

You have hardly seen Michael Jackson before the plastic surgeries: Archival photos

This iconic, highly influential and world-class artist, incredibly talented singer and the holder of the title «The King of Pop» is regarded one of the legends of our time. His great songs are still listened with pleasure and his fans still get inspired by their idol.

However, the fact that the late musician had undergone a great number of plastic surgeries in his lifetime is undeniable.

It goes without saying that he is still in the hearts of millions of people across the world. Many were convinced that he simply couldn’t accept his appearance so he decided on plastic surgeries.

Already at the age of 20, Jackson attracted the entire world and his compositions were constantly played on the radio and all the major newspapers wrote about the musician. He was famous on television as well.

Shortly after the tragic death of the iconic artist, there appeared information that he had undergone as many as fifty surgeries.

Now, we can do nothing but simply imagine how the legendary musician would look without all those surgeries.

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