«The chosen one of Bellucci»: New paparazzi photos revealing actress Bellucci with filmmaker Tim Burton left everyone speechless

Paparazzi spotted Bellucci and Tim Burton kissing each other during a date night

Just recently, some breaking news has appeared in the press of France. The whole thing is that the paparazzi were lucky enough to spot Italian actress Bellucci with her new chosen one who appeared to be a filmmaker Tim Burton.

It goes without saying that the news literally left the fans speechless since no single one expected that the boyfriend of the Italian diva would be Tim Burton. According to Paris Match, the couple has been dating for already several months.

The romantic relationship of Bellucci and the director started at the Lumiere Brothers Film Festival which took place in Lyon, October 2022.

As a result, the news that they are in a relationship have been shared quickly even appearing on the cover of a popular magazine. The iconic Italian actress was in an elegant gray coat and gently held the director’s arm while they were walking around.

Though there hasn’t been any evidence yet, many of the legendary actress’s fans already congratulated the admirable couple.

It should be noted that Bellucci was first married to Italian photographer C. Carlos Basso in 1990, however, their union didn’t last long.

What concerns French actor V. Cassel, he became Bellucci’s husband in 1999 and they had been in a relationship for 18 years. To everyone’s surprise, they announced their divorce in 2013. The film stars have two heiresses – Leonie and Deva.

What concerns Tim, he has also been married several times and his first marriage was with photographer Lena Geiske with whom he broke up in 1991.

According to reliable sources, the biggest love of the director became Helena Bonham Carter.

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