«The brunette remained in the past»: The «Transformers» star Megan Fox surprised her 20 million followers with her new image

The entirely new image of Fox with short blond hair left the fans speechless

Just recently, one of the world’s most desirable, overall-recognized and successful actresses as well as the «Transformers» star didn’t let any of her 20 000 000 followers remain indifferent.

According to FHM magazine, the stunning brunette is the most attractive woman on Earth. Megan decided to radically change her image, thus leaving everyone speechless.

The charming 36-year-old actress and the fiancée of popular rapper Coulson Baker greatly surprised the netizens with her incredible transformation becoming a blondie with short hair.

Once she showed her entirely new look on Instagram in the Stories section, her subscribers were left astonished wondering whether she really did experiments on her appearance, or was just preparing for her new role in a movie or a video clip.

However, there is no denying that the new image of the actress suits her he best.


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