«The billionaire’s mother poses in a bodysuit»: 74-year-old mother of billionaire Elon Musk appeared on the cover of a famous magazine

The new photos of Musk’s 74-year-old mother in a magazine left everyone speechless

There is no denying that E. Musk is among the wealthiest, most successful and intelligent people of our time. One fact that can’t anyhow be denied is that he couldn’t have achieved great success and incredible heights without his charming mother.

Many can’t believe their eyes when they learn that the great man’s mother is already 74 who still looks amazing and follow all fashion trends continuing being highly in-demand.

The iconic mother of the billionaire has recently appeared on the cover of a well-known magazine posing in a bodysuit. As Maye admits, she is happy with the fact that nowadays elderly women are endowed with an opportunity to show their grace.

She clearly understands and supports people’s constantly changing views on particular groups of the population.

Maye encourages others at her age not to feel embarrassed and proudly show their charm and female energy even with the help of clothes that are considered «unacceptable» for their age.

The world-class billionaire’s mother strongly holds the opinion that in order to create happiness we should first of all surround ourselves with good people.

Would you expect to see a 74-year-old woman posing in a bodysuit on the cover of a magazine?

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