«Pulled himself together»: Fraser’s incredible transformation well-known for his role in «The Mummy» deserves special attention

The star from the film «The Mummy» left the fans speechless with his radical changes

After the movie «The Mummy» was released, it brought prominent actor Brendan Fraser overall fame and popularity. The film star has long been regarded one of the most attractive Hollywood actors.

His charming smile and brunette hair made every single girl and woman fall madly in love with him. In the prime of his acting career, Fraser was offered numerous profitable roles.

Apart from taking an active part in movies, the great actor also dreamed of performing on the theatre stage.

In the 1990s, Brenden met his future wife Afton Smith with whom he had three children. Whereas his wife, misfortunately, filed for divorce. This was the biggest loss for the actor who took a long pause from his career and changed beyond recognition.

However, once the man eventually returned, he was far not the same and many even hardly recognized the former symbol of attractiveness. Brendan gained much weight and no trace was left from the «The Mummy» star.

His body lost its former shape not only due to stress and long-term depression, but also operations. Soon, he managed to pull himself together and this is how the prominent actor looks.

«Over years he is getting even more attractive», «He eventually found enough courage to pull himself together», «What an incredible transformation», «He flourished losing those extra kilos».

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