«Prince William and Middleton hit the BAFTA Awards»: Middleton’s elegant dress from Alexander McQueen drew everyone’s attention

No one took their eyes off Middleton in an angelically beautiful Alexander McQueen dress

It is worth mentioning that Prince William has been the President of BAFTA since 2010. Recently, the 40-year-old heir of the King has become one of the attenders of the Royal Festival Hall with his charming wife which was held in London.

There is no need to say that absolutely everyone was delighted with the fabulous and elegant outfit of the Princess. Middleton’s delicate makeup with her eyes emphasized and pink lips didn’t escape anyone’s attention.

The gorgeous dress the Princess appeared in was already known from the 2019 event. Prince William’s wife appeared in an angelically beautiful snow-white dress from Alexander McQueen.

It is relevant to mention that the Royal Family loves this brand. In order to create the perfect wedding dress, Kate turned to S. Burton who is Alexander McQueen’s creative manager. What concerns the jewelry, she chose elegant Zara gold earrings.

Moving on to Prince William, he wore a classic snow-white shirt, a dark velvet jacket with a bow tie completing his look with matching black trousers and leather shoes.

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