«Officially the world’s most handsome man»: This actor has gained the title «the most handsome man» according to golden ratio theory

Are you ready to see Rege-Jean, the man who has the most handsome face on Earth?

Meet Rege-Jean Page who has gained the honorable title «the world’s most handsome man» according to the latest scientific investigations.

The attractive man is a well-known actor best-remembered for his role as Duke of Hastings in the Netflix drama. According to science investigations, the incredibly talented film star possesses the most handsome face on Earth.

Among other British actors, he became the well-deserved winner.

According to plastic surgeon Julian de Silva and the golden ratio theory golden ratio theory, Rege-Jean managed to receive the title. What is more, the theory also helps people understand whether or not a certain person has undergone a plastic surgery.

Based on the ultimate results of the calculations, the man’s face corresponds for 93 percent. Therefore, people are now endowed with an opportunity to rate how much an individual’s face corresponds to the ideal.

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