«No trace from the former curly-haired attractive man»: This is how actor Eric Bana, Hector from «Troy» has changed over years

Do you remember Hector from the film «Troy»? How does Eric Bana look at 54?

Here is prominent and successful actor Eric Bana well-remembered for his legendary role as Hector in the epic film «Troy» who, believe it or not, is already 55.

After his role in the cult movie a drizzling acting career success and incredible heights were impatiently waiting for the Australian actor of Croatian origin. It should be noted that apart from acting, the gifted actor is excellent in dubbing.

The successful film star’s heart has always belonged to no one but his chosen one, journalist Rebecca Glisson whom he met in 1995 and is still deeply in love with. The spouses have two adorable kids and often travel widely. He is fond of football as well.

Despite already being 54, Bana still possesses an athletic body, yet he has changed greatly even becoming hard to recognize in some of his fans’ eyes. The former handsome curly-haired macho has turned into a gray-haired man.

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