«Marilyn Monroe of our generation»: No one could find words to describe the gorgeous look of model Paris Hilton imitating Monroe

Hilton repeated the iconic image of Monroe for Vogue in a wig and bathrobe

As it is well-known to all of us, outstanding and successful model Paris Hilton is really fond of experimenting with her image. This time, her muse became the late icon of beauty Monroe whose image she recreated with a blond wig with curls.

The legendary model appeared in a snow-white bathrobe completing her look with luxurious earrings, bracelets and a necklace with shimmering stones. There were magazines around her and she posed with a phone in her hands.

Hilton was photographed for Vogue Magazine admitting that she truly loves the cult comedy «Gentlemen Prefer Blondes». The photoshoot was signed «Calling my eternal icon».

«The beauty of Monroe and the soul of Princess Diana», «Marilyn is unrepeatable», «If Monroe lived these days», «I see no resemblance here», «She is definitely Marilyn of our generation».

It is worth mentioning that the iconic model is married to businessman C. Reum with whom she announced their relationship in 2020. Soon, the model felt the delights of motherhood fulfilling her cherished dream.

She has a son who was born with the help of a surrogate mother and a 10-year-old daughter with Lauren Bellizzi, a popular reality star.

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