«Looks like a million dollars»: Deva Cassel, the heiress of Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, charmed the followers with her new photos

Let’s look at the recent photos of Bellucci’s daughter Deva and try not to fall in love

The recent provocative photos of Deva Cassel, who is the charming and absolutely adorable heiress of Bellucci and Vincent Casssel, immediately caused a stir. The youthful star appeared before her fans in a brown bra relaxing in a hammock.

Her gorgeous curly hair and impressive makeup with her charming eyes emphasized weren’t unnoticed. She highlighted her eyes with a dark eyeliner and put on a peach lipstick. It is needless to say that the star looked fantastic.

The netizens didn’t miss a chance to compare Deva with her iconic mother claiming that they two have a lot in common concerning the appearance and Deva obviously inherited the best from her mother.

The photographer who took these phenomenal shots was Tess who works with a number of other prominent and successful celebrities as well.

The followers simply couldn’t stop admiring Deva claiming that a drizzling modeling career is yet to come. The photographer as well was strongly impressed by her incredible beauty and uniqueness.

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