«Looks at least 20 years older»: The way singer and actress Selena Gomez has changed has long been discussed on network

The fans hardly recognized Gomez on the Red Carpet who gained much weight

Several years ago, incredibly talented and successful singer and actress S. Gomez was regarded the most popular and in-demand singers in the world. Whereas, in the course of time, the singer’s popularity was partly eroded and now some hardly recognize her.

Nothing has remained from her bright appearance on TV and musicals and her latest appearance on the Red Carpet literally left everyone speechless. Many rushed to note that at the age of 30 she looks 50.

The whole thing is that the well-known performer has gained much weight becoming rather plump and looking totally unrecognizable. The iconic artist chose a full-length black dress with a neckline which barely covered her private places.

The netizens added that those unsuccessfully chosen huge sleeves made the singer look even plumper and failed to emphasize her attractiveness.

However, all these changes can directly be connected with a rare diagnosis she suffers called systemic lupus erythematosus.

According to reliable sources, the legendary singer has been taking hormonal drugs which resulted in extra weight.


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