«Let her in right now!»: The crowd witnessed the moment security guards didn’t allow Madonna’s daughter to get into the fashion show

Madonna’s daughter wasn’t allowed into the fashion show by security guards: VIDEO

The heiress of the iconic, overall-famous and successful performer Madonna couldn’t attend Marc Jacob’s performance held in New York. The crowd clearly witnessed how she was about to enter being suddenly stopped by security guards.

Lourdes was told that as she arrived at 6 pm, it was beyond the bounds of possibility to let her in since the performance was just about to begin at that time.

It stands to reason that the crowd simply couldn’t remain indifferent screaming «Let her in right now», «How dare you?», «She is legendary Madonna’s daughter».

Realizing that there was no point in screaming and openly supporting the actress, the crowd was left speechless with security guards’ behavior. Lourdes herself tried to cover her face with her hand and rushed to leave the place.

What is more, she has become the face of the fashion label’s spring 2021 campaign. The young star was in a denim outfit with a matching coat, handbag and accessories. There was minimal makeup on her face.

Marc Jacob’s presentation drew a number of celebrities’ attention including E. Ratajkowski, A. Graham, N. Hilton Rothschild.

As a reminder, Madonna gave birth to Lourdes from fitness trainer C. Lean in 1996. Unluckily, the spouses broke up. The girl became popular with the name Lola sharing details concerning her life claiming that her mother was cruel towards her.

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