Johnny was her «favorite» target: Here are exclusive photos of the mother of legendary Hollywood actor Johnny Depp

Only few have seen the «Pirates of the Caribbean» star Johnny Depp’s mother

Starting from his early childhood years and coming to a difficult period concerning the court battle with his already ex-wife A. Heard, one of the iconic and best-known Hollywood actors J. Depp has done everything to keep his name and reputation.

The legendary star from «Gloomy Shadows» has recently reconciled with her mother who used to refer to her heir as «one-eyed».

After such great films as «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory», «A Nightmare on Elm Street» and «Edward Scissorhands», the gifted actor gained overall recognition and universal fame achieving incredible career heights.

Many of his loyal fans have heard about his relationships with many women such as Kate Moss, Winona Ryder and Vanessa Paradis, however only few have seen the mother of the film star, Betty Sue Palmer, who was born in Kentucky in 1935.

Johnny is the woman’s youngest child who was named after his father, John Christopher Depp. The well-known actor’s parents divorced when he was still a teenager.

According to Christie, Amber’s sister, she was one of the most violent creatures on the Globe and often made up unpleasant nicknames for everyone adding that Johnny was her «favorite» target whom she often called «one-eyed».

As The Lad Bible claimed, the actor was blind in his one eye and was constantly abused by his mother who insulted him and deeply hurt his feelings.

The relationship between him and Betty can be called something between love and hatred whom the actor once called the meanest person he has ever met. Regardless of all this, Depp kept taking care for her and even bought a ranch in Kentucky.

The legendary actor forgave his mother and reconciled with her realizing that it was her in his childhood who did everything possible for him and his siblings being grateful to her for encouraging him to become an artist and buying a guitar.

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