Jack Shephard from «Lost» is no longer the same: Matthew Fox well-known for his role in «Lost» has changed beyond recognition

The fans hardly recognized Jack Shephard from the series «Lost» in the recent photos

However surprising it may seem, 12 years have already passed since the last episodes of «Lost», a popular series the characters in which have noticeably changed over these years. This is also true for prominent actor Matthew Fox who played the role as Jack.

Even today, being already 56, the well-known actor keeps acting in new projects, yet, rather rarely. Fox brilliantly played in the movie «Extinction» (2015) and then took a long pause from the acting career. Some even believed that he passed away.

However, fortunately, everything is alright with the prominent actor and those rumors turned out to be completely inaccurate.

The «Lost» star married Italian Margherita Ronchi with whom he had two absolutely adorable children.

It goes without saying that since then the talented actor has changed a great deal becoming a gray-haired man with a mustache and glasses.

Have you watched the series «Lost»? Are you a fan of Matthew Fox?


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