«Is this Vanessa Paradis or a random beggar?»: In recent paparazzi photos model Vanessa Paradis was mistaken for a beggar

The fans strongly refuse to believe this is legendary model Paradis in these photos

Here is former legendary, in-demand and highly-paid model Vanessa Paradis of a French origin whose appearance in the recent paparazzi shots didn’t escape anyone’s attention. The female beauty icon was mistaken for a random beggar.

«Time is merciless», «I can’t believe my eyes. Is this even her?», «To tell the truth I thought it was a random beggar», «I hardly recognized the model in these paparazzi photos».

«How long have I slept?», «What a beauty she used to be in youth», «How can one of the iconic models of our time look like this?»

Did you recognize the French model in these photos?

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