«How is it even the same person?»: A photo session showing overall-recognized stars posing together with their younger selves

This is how world-class celebrities looked in youth and how they have changed over time

Incredibly talented designer A. Helik with his professional skills and creativity managed to create a photo session combining the faces of today’s world-class and overall-recognized stars and putting them beside those of their younger selves.

According to the gifted designer, he does such things just for fun finding that fans and admirers definitely won’t pass by. Of course, the photo session turned out to be quite intriguing and appealed to a great number of network users.

Popular and successful singer Lady Gaga

Here is the action movie hero D. Lundgren in youth and adulthood.

Roberts was, is and will always be one of the most favorite and in-demand actresses Hollywood has ever had.

Meet iconic singer Madonna posing with her younger self!

Here is talented five-time Emmy Award winner Neil Patrick Harris.

Did you recognize outstanding Sarah Jessica Parker?

One of the most famous and successful twin-actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

What concerns the absolute winner of several Golden Globe awards, here is H. Grant.

Here is the idol of millions, overall-famous male star Schwarzenegger whose muscles and athletic body let no one remain indifferent.

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