«How come this is the same person?»: The appearance of 2000s film star Bridget Fonda for the first time in 13 years caused a stir

No one expected to see Bridget Fonda looking like this after 13 years of absence

Many will undoubtedly recall this 1990s’ actress, a former beauty icon and incredibly talented Bridget Fonda. The niece of Jane Fonda suddenly disappeared from the eyes of her fans who couldn’t understand the true reason for her long-term absence.

Many were more than sure that the main reason for her absence was that the actress was involved in a car accident, while others held the opinion that she dedicated herself to the family life. The way she has recently appeared left no one remain silent.

Her first appearance in 13 years literally left the netizens speechless. She was hard to recognize in her fans’ eyes having gained a lot of weight, wearing loose clothes and looking rather unkempt. She gathered her hair in a bun and was wearing sunglasses.

It stands to reason that the netizens were simply astonished with the radically changed 2000s’ actress’s appearance. Many were disappointed and strongly dissatisfied with the way she has changed.

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