«From housewives to Hollywood divas»: The way these clients changed after makeup deserves special attention

Clients became real queens after the makeup done by this Serbian makeup artist

Here is a skillful and incredibly talented makeup artist from Serbian Stefan Subotic who is simply a master in drawing arrows, creating long lashes and vivid colors. He is among those whose golden hands can make any ordinary client a real queen.

One undoubtedly won’t remain indifferent towards Stephan’s fantastic works. Have a look!

What bright colors!

For those who are fans of big arrows

From a housewife into a stunning Hollywood diva

An incredible transformation worthy of praising

Look at this client before and after the radical changes!

How much she changed after the makeup was applied!

She had her lips bigger without a surgery with the help of cosmetics at the same time.

The main emphasis is on her charming eyes.

Definitely for those who love brightness and standing out of the public

It can be called the transformation of the year

An example of how «an ugly duckling» can change into a gorgeous white swan

This is how makeup can change one’s appearance!

It seems as if an entirely new face was printed on this young lady’s face.

Let’s admit she looked gorgeous before and after the makeup!

That’s why many people are for banning makeup outside the stage

After two hours of diligent work

Share your impressions about this gifted makeup artist’s fantastic works below!

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