«Fate is merciless»: This is how legendary actor Jack Nicholson diagnosed with dementia lives being lost in space and time

Jack Nicholson ceased to recognize his family due to dementia: Here is the actor now

Many will agree that Jack Nicholson is among the most successful, incredibly talented and highly respected actors of today who is sincerely admired by millions. The great actor has brilliantly played in many films gaining his own place in world cinema.

The legendary movie star is also a well-deserved Oscar-winner who hasn’t, however, appeared in films for a relatively long time.

Many still can hardly believe that Nicholson is already 85. Recently, the true reason for the prominent actor’s absence has become known. As it turned out, the actor was diagnosed dementia which quickly spread up leaving the man literally no choice.

As his heirs claim, Nicholson lives in his own world and imagination, has no idea what is going on and sometimes doesn’t even recognize his closest relatives. He strongly refuses to leave the house, the fact that saddened his fans.

He seems to be out of time and space and is like a helpless and inexperienced child who constantly needs care and attention.

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