«Exact replicas of their legendary father»: The way the adorable kids of actor Jude Law look didn’t let netizens remain indifferent

The exclusive photos of the grown-up children of actor Jude Law hit the network

Here is Jude Law who is among the best-known, in-demand and attractive English actors of nowadays having starred in dozens of films building a drizzling acting career.

These are the prominent movie star’s already grown-up children whose appearance definitely won’t let anyone remain indifferent.

Unlike many of his co-workers and colleagues, Jude is not constrained to one relationship and had children at the age of 48.

A simple look at his absolutely adorable and already grown-up children makes it clear that they are the exact copies of their famous father. The resemblance between Iris and Rafael and the prominent actor is incredible.

Do you think the father and his grown-up children look like each other?

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