«Divinely beautiful»: The charming daughter of Monica Bellucci hit the catwalk with her angelic beauty and brilliant gait

All the eyes were on Bellucci’s daughter Deva in a black lace dress on the catwalk

To everyone’s great surprise, the daughter of the Italian diva, brilliant actress and model Monica Bellucci is already 18 who has recently hit the catwalk in her elegant black lace dress and a massive cross chain on her neck.

The opinions of the network users concerning Deva Cassel were again divided. «Looks like a goddess», «She definitely surpassed her iconic mother», «The perfection itself».

«It’s already too much. Stop her!», «She looks like an artwork», «The best out of the best», «Monica can’t even stand next to her», «I don’t think she is mature enough for this».

«Divinely beautiful», «Looks stunning without any plastic surgery».

What is your opinion about Deva Cassel?

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