Connor from «Terminator» with a huge belly and massy hair: Here is Edward Furlong well-known for his role in «Terminator» after years

The fans refused to believe that it is actually John Connor from the film «Terminator»

Incredibly talented actor E. Furlong who is well-remembered for his legendary role as John Connor in «Terminator», achieved success quite by chance. While he was walking in the street he came across an agent who rushed to offer him this great role.

Initially, Edwards hit our TV screens and the success of the film as well as his innate talent and brilliant acting skills brought him not only overall recognition, but also wealth. He even admitted that he accepted offers for money, not for personal interest.

In the course of his drizzling career, the young actor couldn’t handle overall fame and soon alcohol and illegal drugs appeared in his life. He stopped taking care of his health and there is literally no trace of John Connor in these recent paparazzi shots.

Of course, he tried to get rid of his addiction, yet hasn’t managed to cope with it yet. Now, the former film star is totally unrecognizable at 45 dressed in a white shirt, a jacket which hardly covers his huge belly and massy hair.

There were also huge circles under his eyes and, in addition to this, the «Terminator» star grew relatively long hair and now looks rather unkempt.

Did you easily recognize John Connor from the film «Terminator»? Are you a fan of this actor?

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