«Cellulite and folds after maternity leave»: The rare footage of Johansson in a two-piece bikini on vacation disappointed her fans

No one expected that 38-year-old Scarlett Johansson looks like this in a two-piece bikini

The former world’s most attractive, desirable and in-demand actress S. Johansson’s current appearance surely didn’t let anyone remain indifferent. The way the iconic movie star has changed left her fans speechless causing a stir on network.

Shortly after maternity leave, the American actress dedicated her time to the family life and gained a lot of weight becoming totally unrecognizable. It goes without saying that her fans were left completely speechless seeing the actress in recent shots.

Paparazzi were lucky enough to catch the movie star in an ultramarine two-piece bikini. The cellulite on her legs and folds on her stomach were quite noticeable and her look has long been actively discussed.

Judging from the recent vacation shots, it becomes quite obvious that she can’t take enough time for herself since her family and child are impatiently waiting for her.

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