Celebrating their «Golden Wedding»: These spouses warmed everyone’s heart recreating their wedding photos after 50 years

The spouses are celebrating their «Golden Wedding» having a love story of half a century

There is nothing on Earth more beautiful and laudable than witnessing loving and faithful couples who maintain their true and unconditional love over decades. These beautiful spouses’ love story, believe it or not, has lasted already 50 years.

They live in Iowa, USA and celebrated their Golden Wedding in March in quite an original, creative and heartwarming way. Caroline’s and Kelly’s brilliant idea to recreate their wedding photos melted everyone’s hearts.

The owner of «Two Hyles Photography» photo S. Hoyle, who was highly inspired by their great idea, didn’t mind organizing shooting in the church they married in endowing them with a chance to recreate the photos taken over five decades ago.

Believe it or not, even after 50 years Caroline could perfectly fit in her wedding dress in which she was on her most special day.

It stands to reason that in the course of this half a century they have experienced a lot still remaining faithful to their choice. Caroline had to fight cancer and her husband’s kidney was transplanted. They have three adorable kids and four grandchildren.

More surprisingly, the admirable spouses are still deeply in love with each other and look harmonious and even happier than ever.

They are among those who prove true and eternal love does really exist and it lasts as long as two want it to.

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