Celebrating the hit «Flowers»: The incredible success of her new song Cyrus celebrated in a deep cleavage mini dress

Miley Cyrus in a mini dress with a revealing cleavage celebrates the hit «Flowers»

Meet this incredibly talented, outstanding and overall-famous artist whose new song «Flowers» breaks records around the world bringing the gifted singer even greater fame and overall recognition.

Liam Hemsworth’s ex-wife gathered her gorgeous blond hair in a high bun and completed her mind-blowing look with a few laconic decorations.

The praiseworthy author of the hit touchingly admitted «Celebrating «Flowers» this week again around the world! I love that this song is being associated with such a positive image and it’s a pleasure to continue making music for you.»

She cited those countries where her new hit is in first place on the music platform – USA, Norway, Australia, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium and Canada.

In fact, the song is associated with the divorce from the Australian actor though she doesn’t remark certain names and isn’t straightforward.

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