«Can’t even stand next to her sister»: The way Kate Middleton’s 39-year-old sister Pippa looks was heavily criticized by netizens

Only few have seen Princess Kate Middleton’s 39-year-old sister: Here she is!

There is no denying that Princess Kate Middleton is adored by the whole nation who find her a descent princess who completes all her duties in a perfect way and is highly praised for heroic deeds for the sake of the nation.

Apart from this, she possesses such qualities as being kind-hearted, generous and charming. The fact that she could maintain her toned and slender body even after three childbirths is something that pleasantly surprised everyone.

Meanwhile, what concerns Kate’s sister Pippa, the previously mentioned can’t be said about her since many hold the opinion that she doesn’t take proper care of her appearance. According to many, she, at her 39, looks at least 10 years older.

Many are of the opinion that her style leaves a lot to be desired and that she can’t even stand next to her sister. Because of her look, some even compared her with their mother. Such age-related changes as wrinkles and folds already appeared.

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