«Breaking News»: The «Pretty Woman» star Richard Gere was urgently hospitalized with a respiratory infection in Mexico

The news that actor Richard Gere was hospitalized with pneumonia saddened the fans

The legendary actor and the leading character of the cult film «Pretty Woman» was urgently hospitalized with a respiratory infection while being in Mexico with his wife and children. The family was celebrating Silva’s 40th birthday at a country house.

Before they even started their family trip, the prominent actor began coughing, whereas didn’t pay attention to this and continued clarifying their future plans.

According to TMZ «The situation turned out to be so frightening that he had to go to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia».

When they arrived at the medical center, the doctors prescribed antibiotics and he had to be kept there one night under the supervision of the medical staff. Fortunately, the doctors assured that there was nothing to worry about.

As a reminder, the spouses have two adorable kids – Alexander (3 years) and, what concerns their younger one, his name is not known yet.

The touching and heartwarming photos the family sometimes shares deeply move their fans who never cease to admire the eminent actor and his wonderful family.

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