«Bravo, looking graceful even at 88»: The legend of Italian cinema left everyone speechless with her recent appearance

The first appearance of Loren in many years became the subject of heated discussions

Here is the true icon of Italian cinema, gifted and incredibly talented actress Sophia Loren. Believe it or not, our idol has already celebrated her 88th birthday and has recently left the fans speechless with her appearance for the first time in many years.

There is no denying that absolutely everyone dreamed of taking a photo with the legendary actress who has lately celebrated the opening of her own restaurant.

The Italian diva chose an elegant and ultra feminine snow-white suit with luxurious jewelry and fashionable glasses. «Still an icon even at 88», «Her beauty is unquestionable», «Loren is far not the same now».

«Her hands betray her actual age», «She is the elegance herself», «What if she washes off her makeup?», «Nothing special in her anymore».

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