«At 73 in an ultra mini dress and stockings»: The extravagant look of Vera Wang in stockings and mini escaped no one’s attention

73-year-old Wang’s bold look in stockings and mini dress surprised her fans

Though this well-known fashion designer is already in her 70s, she still continues pleasantly surprising her followers with her charm, «ageless» beauty and sometimes bold outfits often giving her preference to mini. This time, it wasn’t an exception.

The highly-respected fashion designer’s extravagant image didn’t escape anyone’s special attention. Many rushed to claim that she frequently wears such kind of clothes that is not acceptable for her age.

The netizens sometimes criticize the iconic woman accusing her of behaving in an indecent way.

Others were of totally different opinions claiming that she is young both in body and soul and has the absolute right to wear whatever she feels confident and attractive in.

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