«A protagonist from children’s fairy tales»: Legendary Hollywood star Gibson has changed and is here again to win millions of hearts

The entirely new image of 66-year-old Mel Gibson won’t let you remain indifferent

However surprising it may seem, legendary, successful and overall-recognized Hollywood star Mel Gibson has already turned 66 and recently surprised his fans with his entirely new image.

Meanwhile, instead of complimenting the iconic actor, a number of netizens rushed to draw parallels between him and a protagonist of children’s fairy tales. Yet, there is no denying that his body shape is still athletic and the actor hasn’t lost his charm yet.

Some even rushed to compare the new image of Gibson with that of Santa explaining that it, anyway, suits the prominent actor the best.

Many were delighted with the way the 66-year-old Hollywood legend looks finding his brutal beard, athletic and muscular body as well as charming smile quite attractive.

Share your opinion about the legendary Hollywood actor below! Are you surprised with the way he looks?

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