«A messy ponytail and the absence of makeup»: The way 55-year-old Hollywood actress Kidman looks delighted everyone

This is how Nicole Kidman looks at 55 due to regular workouts and a healthy diet

Charming and talented actress Nicole Kidman is listed among those Hollywood stars who simply don’t imagine their life without regular workouts, trainings and sports. What is more, the outstanding actress keeps a healthy diet and looks simply amazing.

The paparazzi were lucky enough to catch the Hollywood actress during her regular workout a couple of days ago. Kidman was in a purple T-shirt and black bicycle shorts.

She pulled her hair back in a messy ponytail and no makeup was seen on the well-known movie star’s face.

In addition to this, the outstanding actress is a kind-hearted, generous and conscientious personality. The Hollywood star has recently become one of the attenders at the Music Man show on Broadway.

She kindly donated 100 000 dollars having her significant contribution to AIDS fighting organization.

How would you rate the Hollywood actress’s appearance at 55?

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