«1-year-old and already a star»: Ratajkowski’s 1-year-old son Sylvester took his first steps in the modeling business

You won’t see anyone more adorable today than Ratajkowski’s little son as a model

Here is Sylvester Apollo, the adorable son of iconic and world-class model Emily Ratajkowski who, despite being one-year-old, has already participated in his first fashion campaign taking his first steps in the modeling business.

The little cutie appeared in altogether different outfits which equally suited Sylvester. The first one was in a neon green color, the second one was in the form of a chicken, and, what concerns the third one, it was in the shape of a carrot.

«How adorable he is, I can’t!», «He has already surpassed his mother», «A drizzling modeling career is yet to come», «He looks like an angel, you won’t see anything cuter than this»,  «Sunshine».

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