«What if they were of different nationalities?»: With the help of an app, we found out how stars would look if they were born in other countries

Let’s imagine today’s legendary celebrities were of other nationalities: Photos

Apart from technology and science which greatly developed over the past decades radically changing our lives for the better and making them much easier, more enjoyable and less burdensome, there also appeared Photoshop as well as dozens of apps with the help of which a number of girls and women today retouch their photos before posting them on social media.

Interestingly enough, this also relates to celebrities who sometimes overdo photo retouching making their faces look unrecognizable. Today, we will show you how some of today’s popular celebrities would look if they were of totally different nationalities.

Here are the three possible versions of popular singer and actor J. Drew Bieber.

In each of them, the young man looks attractive and his charm doesn’t fade away.

Jolie, today’s one of the most beautiful and desirable women on Earth. Would you recognize the Hollywood actress in the second and third pictures?

And here is outstanding and well-known British actress and model M. Bobby Brown. This is what she would look like if she was of other nationalities. Quite surprising!

What concerns popular American rapper, sound engineer and multimillionaire K. Omari West, this is how he would look.

Meet incredibly talented American actor T. Hal Chalamet who is the well-deserved winner of a number of awards.

And here is well-known and attractive singer and actress T. Alison Swift. Have a look!

The three versions of charming British actress E. Charlotte Watson.

It should be noted that the artist who made all these transitions possible took much effort and this definitely was a success. Just look thoroughly and let’s highly praise his diligent work!

The next celebrity is British film and theatre star as well as talented producer D, Jacob Radcliffe who gained overall fame and recognition due to his legendary role of Harry Potter.

And here is the former US President. What can you say about the changes in his appearance?

Ultimately, well-known American film star, model, singer and dancer Zendaya Coleman.

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