«This is how kids get jealous!»: The way this adorable infant reacted to his dad kissing his mom will melt your heart

The precious reaction of the baby to his dad kissing his mom is worth watching

It goes without saying that each and every parent in the world impatiently waits for witnessing how their beloved kids would react to something, what emotions and gestures they would show and what they would intend to hint with the way they behave. Their first words, steps and achievements make their parents undoubtedly the happiest in the world. Whereas, regardless of being the most adorable and lovable creatures on Earth, there is one emotion they experience as well which is called jealousy. Though parents pay a lot of attention to their kids, it seems as if it is always not enough for them.

And this is how our cute infant reacted when his dad was about to kiss his mother, that is his wife. His reaction is so pure and innocent that it deeply touched everyone who was lucky to witness it.

His teary eyes and precious reaction didn’t let anyone remain indifferent.

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