«The youngest Emmy winner»: The first award in Zendaya’s acting career for her brilliant role in «Euphoria»

Zendaya received the prestigious film award for her leading role in a popular series

Let’s sincerely congratulate the outstanding, beloved and successful American actress on receiving her first Award.

The Awards took place in Beverly Hills, the US, during which the 26-year-old movie star happily received the long-waited prestigious award.

Her praiseworthy leading role in the popular drama series  was highly appreciated by the viewers. It should be noted that among other nominees were H. Swank for Alaska Daily, I. Staunton for The Crown, as well as L. Linney for Ozark and E. D’Arcy for House of Dragon.

Interestingly, the famous actress was unable to be present at the Awards due to her busy schedule and the award was handed over to the star’s representatives.

It is relevant to mention that the drama series was written by S. Levinson for HBO and is about high school students and their traumatic experience.

What concerns her participation, she brilliantly played the role of Bennett who is addicted to drugs and parties.

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